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Baguette it Again!

Student Improvisational & Travel Troupe!


The "Baguette it Again!" improvisational and travel troupe was create in 2023, stemming from the ACT TWO drama class.

Since it's inception, "Baguette it Again!" has provided free & quality improv entertainment with over half a dozen improv nights at the Little Theater of Gastonia, as well as the public library.

"Baguette it Again!" has also opened for the incredible improvisational troupe from CATCh theater and Little Theater productions, such as "The Odd Couple: Female Version".

Interested in booking "Baguette it Again!" for your event or organization? Please contact us at for more information!

Founding "Baguettes it Again!" members:

Addison Husband, Angela Major, Charley Brister, Curren Tippett, Erin Evans, Everett Head, Hannah Hood, Jude Novak, Kate Douge, and Trinity Dibble


Current "Baguettes it Again!" members:

Ariana Parker, Autumn Maloney, Charley Brister, Dani Risner, Elijah Hartman, Erin Evans, Hannah Hood, Jude Novak, KiKi Mayfield, Maggie Beaver,

Maisie Hall, Marlie Peterson, Parris Mauldin, and Trinity Dibble.

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